Our Eric Provided us Again with the Amazing weather that seems to follow his rides, the helston loop is a belting loop at that!  thanks to all that made it, and Les for his Papping skills!!! If you missed it, keep an eye out for its return!  

This week we are heading up to Bodders for some Grogley action!!  been a while since we have hit the woods, time to go back and see whats on!! Higher grade than usual this week at 4+ so please bear this in mind! ;-)


What a cracking few rides we have had snuck in this month! Bissoe was Awesome as ever, great to have some new faces out too, showing them around our favorite playground, And Minions was a Dry, Dusty drifty Howl around the moors! you couldnt ask for better conditions!! The Monthly visit to the Track was Awesome, breezy but Dry as a bone and sheltered down on the pump track, Great fun hitting the pumptrack in train formation, mini wips, line transitions, Tasting Dust! Awesome!

We are off to Helstone this weekend for Eric's Ever awesome route, views, trails, humour, Awesome! - Lots of Awesomeness! ;-)


What a weekend! The Bontrager 24/12 kicked things off with several of our riders taking part in the solo 12hr, pairs and mixed, and The CMTB A-Team hitting up the 24hr team catagory, not to mention Nick Sleeman who hit the 24hr solo! madness! but what a weekend, i think all types of weather hit the course over the time period!  The Support team of the good ladies of the club put in a CRacking effort fuelling the guys with tea, Cake ( Cakeytea), humour, motivational speaking, smiles and the all important Camera!! not only our team, but they also gave a good effort to some of the solo riders, keeping them going through the night with sustinance too!! without them, it would have fallen apart for sure!! ;-)  Also this weekend Staffy took an intrepid few on his long haul around St.Austell,  the Tripple whammy, twas a wettun mind, but it didnt dampen spirits, always well received that ride and with good reason!!

This week we are heading up on the moors for some Minions magic! been a while since we have made it up, always a great ride, views, trails, humour, riding buddies, What more  do you need!!


Many thanks to those that made it out for the Tehidy ride, Great fun group, great humour and banter as ever, Always makes the rides more enjoyable! thank you!  it was Lovely in the woods, Dry, fast and Grippy, this resulted in big smiles from everyone!  This week wwe are off to St Austell way for Staffy's Legendary Tripple Whammy ride, great 30 miler with so many good sections its hard to list!! Hope to see you all out there!!


pollogies for the relative Quiet of late, life of webmonkey has been a little hectic, We have had some fantastic rides and routes of late, some Stunning weather to ride in and So much fun, there is just something that you can not get from anything other than Dry and dusty trails, the loose drifting style, foot out flat out that generates that Huge grin from ear to ear, fantastic, Urges you to go back out again and again!! Well, what better to do than to do exactly that!! this weekend we have tehidy, its been a while since we have all been in the woods, always a great one for tight techy trails, The following week we are up in St. Austell foir Staffy's Legendary Tripple Whammy ride, 30 miles of Awesome loop taking in the clay trails, carnmears and more,  then its upto Bodmin moor for some of the Minions spectacular, would be Awesome to see you all out and about on the rides, sample some of the trails we have to offer!


Well, the Wales weekender, can Really, only be described as EPIC! Massive thanks to all those that made it happen, the planning, accomodation, recce's etc. Amazing weekend of wall to wall biking and sunshine! So many Awesome trails,  awesome views, Awsome people, This type of weekend is really what the club is all about, Ridng Awesome trails with your biking mates!  Please have a look at the photo's on our facebook page, and again, Thank you to all those that made it as good as it was! this trip will be remembered for a long time.

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Notice board

We are a friendly bunch of bikers. We are proud of our easy going, relaxed atmosphere and always do our best to make everyone feel welcome.  We have members of all levels, young and old, no one is left out. We are pleased about the good name we have built up for our club so come along and be part of our up and coming mountain bike club.


We are located around the Central/Truro area in Cornwall. We ride at various locations each week around the County, the rides are set by a different group member each week, this keeps the riding style varied and interesting.


We meet on either a Saturday or Sunday at the time and location displayed on the 'Rides' page,.


Each ride is given a 'grade' to let members know roughly what to expect each week, but don't let this put you off, the rides are generally suitable for all abilities and no one is forced to ride anything they don't want too!

(Grades are 1-5, 1 being easy upto 5 being Very technical)


The aim of the club is to get fit, get muddy and have a good laugh!!!


So nip down your local store and get yourself kitted out now!


If you have Any questions for the Club members then Please use the Email link at the bottom of the page and Ask away!  One of the Club Crew will try and get back to you As soon as possible,  otherwise on the Links page there is a Link to Our Club Facebook page where you are sure to find plenty of friendly Banter!


Hope to see you out with us soon!


CMTB crew.


* Any new riders can get a membership form from the membership page under Info on the page buttons Or at the next ride you attend. New riders have three free rides then we ask you join to continue riding with the club within the guidelines of the CTC. The level of insurance you get is a bargain and it covers you when ever your on your bike. Please check out the info / insurance pages on this site.

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Clive Mitchell Cycles In Truro Have been a Long Time Supporter of Cornwall Mountain Bike Club, Many of our members regularly use the shop for various biking needs and the guys have wholeheartedly supported us providing various prizes for our End of year Awards night.  The guys in the shop are allways happy to help and nothing is too much trouble

We are Very Privileged to be Supported by Clive Mitchell Cycles and Proud to display their Logo on our home page, - the logo above will take you directly to the stores website, Click away and Browse the Bikery goodness!

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Official Mountain Bike Club Registered With The CTCl

Cornwall MTB Club