Thanks to all those that made it out in Snozzle this saturday, cracking little loop based around the town/blazey, always good to chuck in a bit of Carn mears into the loop!!! ;-)   this week we are heading into the City baby! Oh Hell yeah, the Cornish Big Smoking metropolis that is Truro!! Our Des and Julie have been busy scoping out an nice loop in and around the town with soe Crackign views, woodland action and usual Des humour!! i have a feeling this is going to be a good un!!!  Be great to see a lot of you there!


Many thanks to those that made it out for the Carn to Carn ride on the weekend, the weather was kind to us with dry trails and a clearing sky! This week we are off to St Blazey for a Clay trails and Carnmears loop, Always good fun, Carnmears is a hidden gem for riders! hope to see you all out there!


Huge thanks to Les, an Absolute Corker of a ride up on Dartmoor, mumblings of one of his best yet!!! great turn out, usual humour, great riding, a gazillion pictures, allround Top day!! looking forwrd to the next one!!


What a Corker of a ride that was to looe! Proper Mtb stylee, through the valley and woods, Fish and chips and riding back! Great company, great riding, Great banter!! can't ask for more than that! Thanks to all of you that made it out, This club wouldn't be half what it is without the members!!  the Looe ride is a well deserved favorite amongst the club with good reason!

This week we are heading down for the monthly track session, usual rules apply for members only as we are riding on our insurance,  And then on the weekend, we are heading out the county for one of our very own King of the moors Specials from the Warren house inn, Les always delivers great rides!


Cracking ride around our Favorite playground of Bissoe / poldice valley/ wheal maid / unity woods, Always a lot of fun around there and great to see some new faces enjoying it as much as we do!! Oh, and Colin Busting some Proper Air on the Fat bike! Impressive!!

This week we are heading up to the middle of the county and tackling Bens Awesome Looe ride!  Cracking trails through the various woods on the route stopping at the sea front for fish and chips no less!!! then with full bellies it back on up the vallies! absolute corker, not one to miss!!!


What a great turnout at Cardi! awesome to see so many new faces too, always a good little ride out and one that you can make as technical as ytou want by varying your commitment! Love it! Thank you all!!  this coming week we are off down to the play ground that is Bissoe area valley!! Plenty to ride and try here, something for everyone!


This week we are heading up to Cardinham for a sesh, not been up there in quite a while so time to show it some love!! be great to see you all out!!


What can be said about sundays ride other than What a Corker! Absolutelt fantastic ride, great mixture of terrain, great views, Awesome! we will most certainly be seeing that one on the sheet again soon!!!! Thanks to all those that made it out, with out you guys the rides would'nt have quite the same feeling!

Great turnout for the track on tuesday too, and my word wasn't it rolling Fast!! great to see peeps giving it all around the place, picking up tips and technique from watching others and trying it there and then, to top it off, all but the last half hour in natural light too with a Beautiful sunset!!


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Notice board

We are a friendly bunch of bikers. We are proud of our easy going, relaxed atmosphere and always do our best to make everyone feel welcome.  We have members of all levels, young and old, no one is left out. We are pleased about the good name we have built up for our club so come along and be part of our up and coming mountain bike club.


We are located around the Central/Truro area in Cornwall. We ride at various locations each week around the County, the rides are set by a different group member each week, this keeps the riding style varied and interesting.


We meet on either a Saturday or Sunday at the time and location displayed on the 'Rides' page,.


Each ride is given a 'grade' to let members know roughly what to expect each week, but don't let this put you off, the rides are generally suitable for all abilities and no one is forced to ride anything they don't want too!

(Grades are 1-5, 1 being easy upto 5 being Very technical)


The aim of the club is to get fit, get muddy and have a good laugh!!!


So nip down your local store and get yourself kitted out now!


If you have Any questions for the Club members then Please use the Email link at the bottom of the page and Ask away!  One of the Club Crew will try and get back to you As soon as possible,  otherwise on the Links page there is a Link to Our Club Facebook page where you are sure to find plenty of friendly Banter!


Hope to see you out with us soon!


CMTB crew.


* Any new riders can get a membership form from the membership page under Info on the page buttons Or at the next ride you attend. New riders have three free rides then we ask you join to continue riding with the club within the guidelines of the CTC. The level of insurance you get is a bargain and it covers you when ever your on your bike. Please check out the info / insurance pages on this site.

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Clive Mitchell Cycles In Truro Have been a Long Time Supporter of Cornwall Mountain Bike Club, Many of our members regularly use the shop for various biking needs and the guys have wholeheartedly supported us providing various prizes for our End of year Awards night.  The guys in the shop are allways happy to help and nothing is too much trouble

We are Very Privileged to be Supported by Clive Mitchell Cycles and Proud to display their Logo on our home page, - the logo above will take you directly to the stores website, Click away and Browse the Bikery goodness!

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Official Mountain Bike Club Registered With The CTCl

Cornwall MTB Club