2018 Ride List

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16th December (Sunday) 10:00, Location – Idless, Grade 3, Distance 13ish miles

Ride Setter – Rach & Rich

Ride Leader – Rach & Rich


The morning after the night before! A bit of tired, mildly hungover wood bashing at Idless. No broken bones this year Des! Short steep ups and techy little downs. Plenty of roots and gloopy mud almost guaranteed. 10am start.



18th December (Tuesday Night) 18:30, Location – Santa Night Ride, Grade 2, Distance 10ish miles

Ride Setter – James

Ride Leader – Andy


A Christmas social night ride adventure through Unity woods and around a few gentler areas of the Bissoe valley, followed by some sort of hot bun or baguette for a few quid per head and a beer or two afterwards at the Fox and Hounds Scorrier. James will need numbers in advance so he can let the pub know, look out for a post on the Facebook page near the time. This is a night ride so you’ll need suitable lights!



23rd December (Sunday) 09:30, Location – Minions, Grade 3, Distance 15 miles

Ride Setter - Andy

Ride Leader - Andy


Lovely riding across the moor from Minions, this time with some of Andy’s variations. We’ll be taking in Rocky Road, Amy’s Camel Humps, the main mast descent and plenty of general hooning. Always great riding and great terrain. Last ride of 2018.



30th December (Sunday) No ride this weekend.






6th January (Sunday), Location -

Ride Setter -

Ride Leader -