Club Rules & Guidelines

 General Rules

- There must always be at least one ride leader on the club ride to meet British Cycling insurance requirements.

- A helmet must be worn and bar end plugs must be fitted on handlebars on every ride.

- After your initial one free club rides you must become a member, British Cycling insurance rules require this of the club.

- Full finger gloves are very strongly advised.

- Ensure that your bike is in a safe and working condition prior to turning up to club events.

- Your bike is your responsibility, both maintenance and security.

- No insulting language towards any other club members or members of the public regarding fitness level, age, ability, skill level,  

    gender,bike type etc.

- No smoking on a ride or in the direct path of the group.

- Club membership subs must be paid as and when they are due.

- If an event is organised please stick to the deadline for payment and notifcation of attending the event.

- Please look out for other members when riding, particularly any younger members and especially when on the road.

- No drugs or alcohol are to be consumed or carried on a ride.

- If a regroup is called please wait for the last rider to catch up.

- Please ride within your capabilities. If asked by a ride leader not to attempt something dangerous please do not attempt it. You are

    responsible for your own safety.


When Riding on the Road

We don't ride on roads much and when we do it it normally quiet lanes, but it is important to be safe when we are. We are looking for:

- Ride in single file or in twos depending on traffic conditions.

- Avoid regrouping on a road.

- Always ride on the correct side of the road, and make visual checks as you would in a car.

- When entering or exiting from the road onto a track, please get well clear so other riders behind you are not left spilling out onto the

    road behind 15 bikers having a chat. This is one we must try and get better at!

- The Ride Leaders are here to keep the ride as safe as possible and try and improve everyone's group riding skills. Group riding is a

    skill in itself!


Time Keeping

The rides START at the time on the meet sheet. If the Ride starts at 09:30 please arrive at 09:15 leaving time to set up your bike and kit. Late arrivals cause riders to stand around in the wet and cold unnecessarily.


For any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact us on

The rules and advice on this page are to help the club run smoothly and safely. Most of the rules are common sense and others are based on club ride experience.

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