Insurance 2015/16

If you want to give the club a go then please come along - your first ride is free and you'll be covered by our insurance. To continue riding after your free trial, you'll be required to become a member for a small fee of £15.00 per year and also be covered by third party liability insurance.


The club membership does NOT include third party liability insurance - it is your responsibility to get yourself covered. We recommend one of the three following options:


The London Cycling Campaign offers the minimum level of third party insurance that we require. CTC and British Cycling Ride membership include the required third party insurance, plus additional benefits that people may find useful.


To become a member, please download and complete the Membership Form. You can then either send the completed form and payment to the Club Secretary along with payment (cheques payable to Cornwall MTB Club, or email for BACS details), or hand it to a Ride Leader on your next ride. You will also be asked to provide evidence that you are insured.


Hopefully this is clear and explains the insurance requirement. Don't be put off by rules and regulations, just read them and then we'll get on and ride. We are building up a reputation for being one of the most friendly easy going mix of bikers so lets push our good name and continue to expand in the coming year.



£24.50 per year (£15.00 membership, £9.50 basic insurance).


For any additional information send us an email to 

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